3 Key Tips for Effective Team Meeting

Team meetings play a crucial role in each company. It is a perfect opportunity for a discussion, opinion exchange and strategy planning. Employees are able to share their thoughts and ideas on a company functioning with a team leader. Whether you work in a huge corporation or a small start-up, it is important to remember about a few basic rules that may be helpful in improving the efficiency of team meetings.


1. Target
Each meeting should have a clearly defined purpose. Why are we meeting? What are we looking for? Sometimes discussions can go off course and start to cover topics irrelevant or unrelated to the main subject. In this kind of situations having a clear target is very handy as it leads team members in the right direction. Therefore remember to establish an objective at the beginning or even before a meeting and make sure that it is clear for each meeting member.

2. Make a plan
In addition to the target, it can be a good idea to finish a meeting with a plan. In fact, the most important part happens not during the meeting, but after when planned actions and projects have to be executed. In order to do that, assign tasks to team meeting member and let them do their part of a job.

3. Keep it small
It is always better to keep team meetings as small as possible. The number of people is highly related to their discussion engagement. If we want to make our meeting efficient and productive we should give a chance to each member of the meeting to share and give his or her extended point of view on a certain subject. It becomes much harder if there are 20 people in the room. Also, small number helps people believe that they are an important part of the team what will immediately make them more open and willing to share.