7 things you should not say to your boss

No matter what is your relationship with your boss, whether you are close friends or just colleagues, there are some things you shouldn’t say to him or her. It’s better to pay attention what kind of words you use during your conversation in order to always make a good and professional impression.

1. “I will try”
Don’t try. Just do it! This kind of response leaves your boss with uncertainty. If you feel you can do a task – ensure your boss that it will be done. If you feel like you need some help, ask for it. Be confident and open.


2. “You are wrong”
Although sometimes your boss may be wrong, it would be better if you didn’t communicate it this way. Be more delicate.


3. “This is not my responsibility”
This is classic. As a part of a team, sometimes you do things gratuitously. On the other hand, if you consider a task too difficult, give your arguments and discuss it with your boss.


4. “No”
There is nothing wrong with rejection, but it has to be said in a correct, polite way. Explain why it is impossible to do a task and suggest a solution.


5. “It’s not my fault”
In fact, it is not important whose fault it is and you are not the one to decide on this issue. What’s important is how to resolve a problem and you should focus on finding a solution.


6. “I don’t know the solution”
If so, look for it. Do your best to find it!


7.  “I’ve already tried this”
It seems like an excuse. Even if you’ve already tried something, ensure your boss that you will find some other, better and more efficient solution.