8+1 SSC Career Tips Inspired by Movies

A couple of movies inspired us to collect some hints and tips for your SSC career.

1.The Social Network

Don’t be afraid to make an impact using your unique skills.

Facebook. Friendship and betrayal. Anything that even William Shakespeare would be proud of, do it and be one of the most successful people on the planet. Speaking in Spanish in a way even natives would be jealous of? Convincing others to do things like no one else? 

If you are really good at something, focus your energies on that and turn it into an advantage to boost your career!

2. Steve Jobs

Find your own style and always make a lasting impression on others.

Signature black turtleneck and casual jeans – you instantly know we talk about Steve Jobs. But what makes You a special character?  Are you the manager with the funny socks or the girl from customer service with a perfume no one else uses? 

If you find the style that truly fits you, stick with it and make it your own!

3. The Wolf of Wall Street

Be the best in what you do – the very best.


Financial wonderboy Jordan Belfort lives the high life as a wealthy stock-broker never letting a day go by without thinking how to be better. 

There is always room to grow. Make sure you improve every day! 

(or just look at Leo’s crazy dance moves which are definitely amazing).

4. The Big Short

Always trust your instincts even when others call you crazy.

Michael Burry predicted the big financial collapse of the mid-2000s and everyone laughed at him. There will always be situations when others will tell you to do otherwise.

Don’t stop believing in yourself if you truly think you’re right!

5. The Devil Wears Prada

If you’re fed up with your career situation don’t be afraid to switch jobs .


Don’t expect to be praised all the time. When it’s your dream job, but your boss is a huge pain in the ass and takes over your life you should take into consideration quitting – and you might find a job that suits you even better.

Don’t let your boss ruin your life. Learn from them while you can, then move on!

6. Zootropolis

Don’t let circumstances define who you end up to be.

If a bunny can be a cop, you can be anything as well. Make that extra effort to try new areas, move within departments and up the career ladder.

Always keep challenging yourself!

7. Miss Congeniality

Don’t underestimate any situation.

Just because a task at first glance looks like a piece of cake, it might require more dedication and hard-work than you first thought.  

Don't forget to always give your very best!

8. How to Train Your Dragon

Teamwork makes the dream work.

A boy and a dragon might not be the dream team you would first think of. Even when you don't think you match with your co-workers, try to put an effort into your working relations!

Sometimes the most extraordinary teams could make awesome ones.

+1 The Hangover 

Enjoy and relax at office parties - but only up to reasonable limits.

Office parties are not only about the free booze and being able to gossip with your co-workers. It’s really a chance to also hang out and talk to your bosses in a more casual and relaxed way, while getting to know them better.

But never forget: after a really crazy office party you still have to be able to look into the eyes of your coworkers and boss :D

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