A Day of an SSC Employee – told with GIFs

Please note: any similarities with true life scenarios and events are purely coincidental and only meant to make all of us laugh a little. :)

1. When you wake up in the morning all fresh & motivated.

2. When you make sure you pour enough coffee into your body before work.

3. When you face the first challenge of the day: commute to work.

4. When you finally arrive to the office and start working with extreme precision.

5. When you try to eat your lunch and get all the office gossips from your colleagues in only 30 minutes.

6. When food coma hits in…

7. But then someone tells a joke and you finally wake up.

8. When the system is down, and you have a huge backlog.

9. When your manager asks the reason about the huge backlog.

10. When the IT department gives you a professional advice.

11. When sometimes you feel your work could be done by a bunch of kittens.

12. When only your body is present at a meeting.

13. When you think it would be fun to boost the mood with a little office prank.

14. When you go out for „just one beer” with your colleagues after work.

15. And then everything starts all over again...

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