BYDGOSZCZ - perfect place for SSC office

Companies from the modern business services sector which operate in Bydgoszcz are happy to employ them, offering flexible working hours and other amenities. For many young people this is often their first serious employment where they learn about corporate principles and begin their career paths.

Bydgoszcz is a modern city open to the world and the people. It is also the largest academic centre in the region of Kuyavy-Pomerania with nearly 33,000 young people studying at technical, economic, humanistic, medical and artistic specialisations. The industrial history of the City continues to exert a tremendous impact on the jobs offered to the inhabitants. More than a half of the people employed in the City is employed in the industrial sector, however, the City is increasingly opening up to other sectors. Road investments in the region have contributed to a rapid development of the logistics and shipping sector, strong traditions in telecommunications and electronics as well as access to qualified specialists have led to a rapid growth in the modern business services 
sector. According to the estimates of ABSL, Bydgoszcz is one of the main BPO/ SSC sectors in Poland. International companies such as Atos, Mobica or SDL have located their largest divisions here. The sector employs more than 8.7 thousand people. When including local IT and financial companies that provide services to international clients, the number rises to 10 thousand which represents a large and important segment in the diversified economy of the City.
DIVERSE WORKING ENVIRONMENT Young people are very welcome in modern business services companies, where they are offered many opportunities to develop within the company structures. A typical feature 
of this sector in Bydgoszcz is the dominant share of IT companies that employ a total of nearly 8,000 people. Financial-accounting service centres employ approximately 1,000 people with another 1,000 employees working in contact centres. The requirements for the candidates vary widely. International corporations, in addition to specialised skills, require English. Those without foreign language knowledge will also be able to find good offers in companies that provide services to companies in Poland, such as Bank Pocztowy, PZU Group Customer Centre, Media System or Great Call.

Bydgoszcz is a city with a great potential. It realises a strategy to create a city friendly for residents and entrepreneurs.
The effect of these activities is the constant development of companies operating in the City and a large number of young people who wish
to build their future in the City on the Brda River. Talking to them, we can hear that Bydgosz is a city good to work
and live in.


Source: Outsourcing & More