Deloitte CE BSC to double number of employees in Rzeszów

More than a year since its founding, the Deloitte CE Business Services Center has created over 200 new jobs in Rzeszów and plans to double that number in the upcoming months. Located in SkyRes Warszawska, which is the most state-of-the-art office building in Rzeszów, the Center has expanded by increasing the space it occupies to two floors as of 1 January.

Deloitte’s new office in Rzeszów houses the Audit Delivery Center, Finance and accounting, IT, and Risk Operations Center teams, which all make up the Deloitte CE Business Services Center. DCE BSC supports Deloitte’s teams and the Firm’s clients both in Poland and in other European countries where Deloitte itself is present, and it has also been growing rapidly since September 2015.

Thus far, the Deloitte CE Business Services Center has experienced impressive growth. In the upcoming months, the number of staff will increase to more than 400 and the Center will offer new services so as to satisfy Deloitte’s demand resulting from the planned expansion of its business service lines. “We are immensely pleased with the progress the Center has made over the past year. Our excellent cooperation with local universities helps attract young, energetic and highly competent graduates to our Center who work along their more experienced colleagues recruited earlier.”, says Pavel Frnoch, Deloitte CE Business Services Center Leader. “Our main objective is excellent quality and therefore we aim at standardizing services and processes and even creating new services based on trends which have not been identified before.”, he adds.

Deloitte Central Europe Business Services Center will hire students and graduates of all university majors with conversational level of English and good teamwork skills. Deloitte also hopes to attract to Rzeszów people that were raised in the Podkarpackie Region, now living and working in other parts of Poland and abroad, but who wish to come back to their home city. Established in September 2015, the Center is gradually expanding its offering. The target is not only to deliver services to the 18 Central European countries where Deloitte CE operates. DCE BSC intends to expand its range of services provided into other fields also and to other clients operating in Europe and elsewhere.