How to be the Best Intern

There are many obvious reasons why you should be an intern before turning into a full-time employee. Gaining valuable experience, useful connections, knowledge on certain professions and work environments, credits for your studies and an opportunity to “test” your career plans and see if you were happy doing a certain job: it’s all about your future. An internship can help you make career decisions and grants you time to really think about what you want to do later. It is a platform for experiencing “real life”, providing you a chance to make mistakes and learn from them. An internship can only be beneficial, although a lot depends on you. By following our short collection of advices, you can easily become the best intern ever!

In general, there are two types of internships: paid and unpaid. Now, you need to remember that an internship should not be about money. Naturally, it is always good to earn a little extra, but internships never pay like full-time jobs, so do not expect them to do so. They are about experience and getting your foot in the door with a potential employer, and give you a much higher chance to be accepted on a full-time position upon graduation.

During your internship, you are another employee whose work has an impact on the organization. Internships may not be real jobs, but you had better treat them that way if you want your superiors to take you seriously. Also, showing hardworking and positive work ethic could better your chances of being included in more projects and later on, being hired full-time.


There are several ways of showing your amazing attitude. Always be on time; even arrive earlier in the morning to show commitment and enthusiasm. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and to step out of your comfort zone. Especially in SSCs, employers like those who are willing to learn, and of course, showing a genuine interest in any job is a key factor for success.

As an intern, you could have a whole variety of things to do, including some that are not so exciting. Be flexible and accept those projects too that seem unimportant or uninteresting. Remember to do everything with excellence since all your actions reflect your attitude towards a job or a company, and those small tasks are the building blocks of your internship.



Your internship is the chance to show what you are good at. Don’t be afraid to be creative and independent by bringing something new to the table or taking on more work without being asked. Sitting around your desk, waiting for someone to give you a task is not the way you want to portray your skills.

Sitting at your desk prevents you from something else, too: socializing and networking, which are crucial parts of your internship being extremely valuable for your future. Make yourself memorable for your colleagues and other interns and create connections that come in handy when you are ready for a new job. You can simply do this by inviting co-workers for lunch, offering your help when you can, or asking professionals for feedback on your job – which can also help you reveal your strengths and weaknesses, making you more self-aware.


With all of this in mind, don’t forget to be respectful of your workplace and colleagues at all times. You are an intern, so sometimes your only assignment is to print paper. However, if you feel that you are taken advantage of, you must speak up.


Remember, internships don’t only exist in offices, but come in all shapes and sizes. All are opportunities for motivated individuals and interested companies to become mutually beneficial partners.