How to be the king of productivity at work

Do you often feel like there are not enough hours in the day for getting things done? Yeah, we feel you. You can’t expect your working habits to change in a second, but here are some really useful tips you should add to your routine.


Okay, we get it, you want to get things done ASAP. But do you think juggling multiple tasks at the same time is effective? Probably not. It may seem like you’re the king/queen of productivity, but you’re not getting any tasks done efficiently. Multitasking can result in losing time, so you have to prioritise. Make a commitment and focus on one thing before jumping on to the next one – there is greater efficiency in going „deep”, than trying to do too much at once.



Time management is key. Before becoming addicted to time-saving apps, look at your own habits. How much time do you spend on certain tasks? Does it really require that much time? Set up a schedule on your calendar for projects. Work in intervals, or even set a timer for certain minutes. This allows you to handle tasks, and focus on them at the scheduled time only.



Rather than feeling guilty all the time for not achieving your daily goals, just try to take mini-breaks and relax. After every 90 minutes of working take a 15-20 minute break. It helps you to keep your energy level high, your mind fresh. In this mini-break, do something that’s absolutely not work-related. Grab a sandwich, have a personal call or just go out for some fresh air. Sounds good, right?



No matter how many things are on your to-do list, there will always be more that can be added to it. And that’s fine. Accept that sometimes you just have a bad day and some mistakes going to show up unexpectedly. Realise that you can’t do it all. In reality, nothing is perfect. So don’t waste your time and level of productivity with attempting to create THE PERFECT TASK. Refocus your energy and try to stick to the things that work for you.

And now, you should go and take your 15-minute break…