How to deal with home office?

Home office brings comfort and a great deal of flexibility for employees. It is especially convenient for students who have to reconcile work with studies. Although home office has many advantages, it has its pitfalls - in reality, it may be extremely exhausting. How to manage tasks and plan your time while working from home?

If you work from home, it is impossible for an employer to check how much time you spend on an actual work. Therefore you can work as long as you want, but you have to finish all planned tasks to be done. It means that if you want to finish earlier, you have to work faster.
It’s not easy to focus on your job when you are in your everyday environment. There are many things that can distract you and prolong your working hours. Try to avoid watching television or surfing on the Internet and keep it for later.
You have to prepare for requests from your home-dwellers. They may think that if you work from home, you have time for everything and you can easily go make some shopping or cook a dinner. Don’t be afraid to kindly refuse this kind of requests to stay focused on your actual tasks.
Clothing is important as it influences your mood and general approach. Remember, even if you work from home, try to wear usual clothes that you would put on when going to the office.
It would be the best if you managed to find some proper space for working. Stay professional and keep your home office on a desk, not on a couch or in bed.