Jeppesen Poland opened an office in Rzeszow

The Rzeszów University of Technology opened a business office Jeppesen Poland, a subsidiary of the American company Boeing. The company is engaged in production and maintenance of systems supporting air operations, including navigation and aeronautical charts.

As chairman of Jeppesen Poland Rafał Stepnowski said, the company has had an office in Gdansk. After years of cooperation with the Rzeszów University of Technology and employment in a total of nearly 30 graduates who are well prepared, ambitious and motivated to work, we decided to open a second office here - Rafał Stepnowski  added.

In Rzeszow office operates eight people involved in preparing the database for aeronautical charts. Stepnowski noted that the company plans within a few months to hire another dozen people. In the next 3-4 years, I think it will work more than 20 people. The work they have a chance not only to graduates of the department of aviation Rzeszów University of Technology, but also specialists and analysts - Rafał Stepnowski  said.

With the opening of the office enjoys rector PRz Tadeusz Markowski. Our students and graduates are very ambitious and creative. They are one of the main strengths of attracting to our city global companies. I am glad that in this way we support the development of the region and the country -  Tadeusz Markowski stressed. He added that education diploma is valued by employers, and graduates of polytechnics now hold important positions in research institutes, large corporations and enterprises. Rzeszowskie office leads the company ARforce, not on the Boeing company, but the office as a whole works for the needs of Jeppesen.

Jeppesen operating in Poland for 25 years. So far, the company has developed in Gdansk, where he started from the opening of the office at a local polytechnic. It currently employs more than 350 people. 10 years ago, the company became part of Boeing company, which is responsible for the development of digital navigation, as well as software and aerial delivery of aeronautical charts.