Make the most of your last year at university

You’ve succeeded in completing the rest of your higher education. There are only just a few obstacles left between you and ’real life’. We collected some tips on how to take full advantage of the last year of university.


Make use of the Resources of your School

There are numerous opportunities at universities to build your social network or ground your career. The most common ones are student organisations. If you’re not a member of some kind of association, don’t waste your time, apply for a position to get to know new people.

Also, you can join a research lead by your professors. This way, you gain scientific experience and learn how to work in a team in a formal setting. In the end, your professor might recommend or offer you a position, because they have many professional connections.


Get yourself together

This one might sound weird to you but take a step back and think about yourself and your life. It is very important to know your goals and know yourself. First, you should set your clear goals on the short-term and on the long-term as well, and prioritise your life according to them. What kind of career do you want? What is your dream job? How can you reach it?

It is no secret that everyone has weaker points of their personality which can be developed. You might think over your communication skills, your time-management, your mentality, your appearance or your bad habits. The more you can get yourself together, the more effective and self-conscious adult you will become.


Learn more

Yes, we know. You’re sick of studying. But if you would like to stand out of your fellow students, you might want to learn some special skills which are not closely related to your studies. For example, IT competencies are very valuable nowadays, there are various state-funded or online classes on web design, coding, or marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in something else. Go for it, learn it. These special skills will make your perspective broader, and they will make you a more valuable person in general.


+1 Apply for an Internship

Your first step towards ’real life’ is getting a job, and as a student, you have a variety of opportunities to choose from. You might have worked at a café, a local restaurant, or an animal shelter but you should start thinking about landing a job which is related to the field that you would like to work on. You can check out our previous article regarding this topic as well.