Dating a co-worker used to be considered a big taboo, soil for awkward situations, base for gossips and even a reason for losing a job. However, is it really something you absolutely cannot do? Especially if you are a “Gen Y” and spend most of your time among your peers, isn’t it just natural if you find your partner among them? Or where else should you? (Yeah okay. Other than Tinder I mean). Fortunately, dating a colleague is possible, just please follow some rules in order to have a fruitful relationship while not driving your fellow co-workers crazy either.

Serious Do’s:

1. Get familiar with the rules of your company regarding relationships among colleagues. It is possible that your company has a sort of no-dating policy. If this is not the case, you are good to go, though there are certain non-written rules you still have to consider. Continue reading…

2. Think about the consequences first. What if your fling turns serious, but then ends in a break-up? Are you willing to see the same person daily from then on? Or are you willing to leave your job if things get uncomfortable?

3. Inform your boss (and colleagues within your team). It is a polite and respectful step if you and your boyfriend /girlfriend make a quick appointment with your direct supervisor and let them know that you are a couple. You can prevent future awkwardness and it makes you seem smart and professional. Moreover, it could also be wise to tell your colleagues about it. Your relationship is not everybody’s business, but in case you work in the same team as your love interest, you should communicate your romance to your other teammates, also to prevent future complications.

4. Keep it professional. Think professionally every time you’re at work and make sure your partner is on the same page with you on this. Talk, behave and act professionally, even with him / her around.

5. Rely on your own skills and merit. You should of course, have each other’s back with your love interest, but you should never use your partner to reach success at the company. It is not only derogative professionally but could be manipulative within your relationship.

Absolute Don’ts:

1. Cuddle at the office – Lovebirds should stay outside of office premises

2. Date your supervisor or vica versa – Ouch. most awkward thing ever!

3. Spend each lunch break together – Socialize with your colleagues, otherwise you’ll never be part of your own team.

4. Talk only about work with your partner once you’re out of the office - Find hobbies and activities in your free-time that you can do together, so there will be something else connecting the two of you besides your job.

5. Date someone in the same office after you broke up with your previous office romance - It would cast such a bad, and most of all , unprofessional light on you. 


Believe us, everyone would be happier if these unwritten office rules were followed.

Yay for professional office romance!