Postgraduate studies for future SSC/BPO employees start this year

ABSL became a partner of a new postgraduate studies course in Warsaw School of Economics – “Modern business services”. It is a professional development program, which prepares students to work in SSC, BPO and R&D.

The new course is dedicated to people who want to develop in an international environment, who work or plan to work in a modern business services sector or just want to learn about SSC, BPO or R&D centers. Classes will be given by experienced business practitioners – representatives of ABSL and associated companies as well as Warsaw School of Economics lecturers.

Curricula is to comprise issues like optimization of business processes, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence usage, team leading in SSC, BPO and R&D centers, project management in a multicultural environment, effective virtual communication, building relations with business partners or workplace innovations.

Except for lectures, students will be attending workshops. – We focus on practical knowledge and skills. Thanks to the substantive support of ABSL experts, the curricula of “Modern business services” has been prepared in a way that gives students an opportunity to acquire relevant competencies that will be helpful in their future job – emphasizes dr Radoslaw Malik from International Studies Institute, Collegium of Socio-Economics, Warsaw School of Economics.

The first semester of “Modern business services” starts on the 1st of October this year. Recruitment is currently open. Details can be found on the Warsaw School of Economics website.