SSC Heroes at Absolvent Talent Days

October, 17th we attended Absolvent Talent Days with SSC Heroes, looking for the next generation job seekers in Poland. We were very excited to be presenting the SSC sector and its opportunities to young people on PGE Narodowy.

The place was filled with thousands of young people eager to start their career and gain useful insights regarding the shared services sector. Our team was more than happy to inform them about the various companies within the sector and the high-value added job opportunities. Visitors also had a chance to acquire useful information about our MagellanPass digital recruitment software and its effectiveness to get a job in an SSC. We truly believe that Generation Y and Z are the next generation job seekers, who prefer doing everything online.  Many of them loved the idea of being able to register in our dedicated SSC database in only 1 minute and did so straight away at Later on, they’ll have the change to go through our video application process and land their dream job 2-3 weeks before the norma recruitment time.

Our recruitment team was very enthusiastic to be able to give advice and help with career decisions, as well as encouraged young talents to further improve their foreign language knowledge to be able to have even more opportunities in the shared services sector. 
Stay tuned for our video coverage of the event, including interviews with representatives of the SSC industry!
The shared services industry (also known as business services, global process outsourcing, or sometimes "Centres of Excellence") has been continuously growing in Poland for more than 10 years now and the latest research studies (ABSL, ASPIRE, PAIZ) also show that the trend will continue in the coming years as well. SSCs are generating thousands of new job opportunities for highly-skilled professionals and is contributed significantly to the development of the Polish economy.
As of today there are more than 700 companies present in Poland operating SSCs or BPOS. The industry employs over 260,000 people and forecasts steady growth in the coming 3-5 years. It provides excellent career opportunities for higher-education graduates speaking multiple languages. Initial salaries in the SSC sector are amongst the highest in the country and these companies provide excellent job opportunities (and job benefits) for Generation Y.
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