Krakow: The world's SSC super-location

Kraków has become a super-location for the SSC sector. The city has a dynamically evolving ecosystem which serves the business-and-technology services sector. The scale and maturity of the industry in Kraków, the fact that it already employs 55,000 people, recording consistent 20% growth year on year, the value it delivers to the local economy per annum to the tune of 2 billion dollars – all these factors make the city uniquely placed for further growth.

This diversity is what makes the Kraków market so robust and the scale and maturity of the market means that Kraków can be seen now as more of a destination than simply a location now. It has a constantly growing ability to attract talent from across the world.

Companies now look at setting up multifunctional centres in Kraków from the start; in the past they tended to establish a single-function centre and expanded scope over time. Kraków now has increasingly specialised or niche service providers, recruiters, training providers, advisors in process improvement and robotics and so on. The city also has developing professional networks, for instance in data science and quantitative development and analysis. It’s all to do with the scale and dynamics of the market. This eco-system is a ‘real’ market, where people and organisations strive to create and capture opportunity.

“Connectivity” is key

In this context, one important factor is that Kraków Airport's significant investments in the airport infrastructure means that it has become the hub for the south of Poland. This is more important than one might imagine in the SSC industry, where although services are being delivered virtually, the industry also depends on high touch. There is the other dimension of Kraków being extremely compact, well designed, giving you the feeling that everything radiates from the market centre. The city’s financial and technology centres are scattered around the city, however, one is never more than 20 minutes or so from the city centre. Kraków has become part of the global city networks of major industries, such as financial services and IT, sitting alongside cities such Boston, London, Frankfurt, Dublin and Bangalore. This is a very positive kind of connectivity going forward.
One of the world's top cities in terms of life-style and quality of life.

Everyone who comes to visit simply loves the city at once. It feels both large enough and intimate enough – truly, a rare combination.
Kraków is the “tail wagging the dog” - Kraków’s SSC centres are helping global global companies to transform
Talent and knowledge based in Kraków are available to help transform global companies, and this is indeed a unique asset of the city. Core technologies and new ways of delivering processes are being imagined and created in Kraków every day – across a range of industries (creative, IT/Tech, gaming) that inevitably feed the SSC sector.
The following top global companies have set up their SSC operation in Krakow during just the last 18 months:

Ailleron +, Software Mind, Aptean, Architech, Azimo, GlobalLogic, Grape UP, Guidewire, IG Group, Pearson, Red Stack Tech, Symphony, 3di, Airhelp, Arrow Electronics, Cathay Pacific, Ericsson, N-iX, QVC, Red Flag, Syntel, Uber, William Hill, Wilson HCG, Zurich Insurance.

Jacek Mahchrowski, Mayor of Krakow: “Krakow is one of the most economically attractive cities of Eastern Europe, which affects the amount of FDI and the development of local entrepreneurship. Krakow together with its facilities and academic research is an extremely attractive place for business. Our city has 23 universities, 12,000 researchers, nearly 200,000 students and more than 100 scientific research units and institutes. This potential undoubtedly attracts like a magnet both large and small businesses. They invest in our financial institutions, global brands, allow the city to explore new, previously fledgling development areas. Over the last several years, the number of investors in Krakow is steadily growing. It is also a result of the consequences of our actions in the economic development of the city. “