The Future of Shared Services in Gdansk

SSC Leaders gathered in Gdańsk at the first stop of our Regional Next Generation Shared Services Roadshow. On April, 5, for the first time in Poland, leaders of the business services sector could join our professional event and talk about the present and the future of the industry.

From its launch in 2016, the primary objective of the Next Generation Shared Services Day has been to inform business services managers about the most important trends influencing the sector. The event provides innovative solutions and best-practices that help to take advantage of these trends and promote the development of the shared services.
The journey to the future
One of the discussions at the conference focused on future of process and automation. Arjen Sader from Dentons pointed at advantages of automation, debunking myths connected to it. "Although automation will remove roles, it will also create new and challenging opportunities."
Piotr Grzywacz from Capgemini shared his thoughts on RPA giving the audience tips that should be taken into consideration to be successful in the area: "First of all it is extremely important to remember that RPA gives us the best pay off if we have a scale, big volumes, a high number of people. Then, it is important to think beyond, out of the box - you shouldn't think only about your organization, but also across your company. And finally, do it properly. You need transform and prepare your whole organization to start RPA."
Tech Talks
Tech Talks presentations were devoted strictly to technology in the business and how it can improve a company’s processes, preparing it for a more automated future. John Grimes from Thomson Reuters introduced viewers to innovative Global Statutory Reporting and Tax Compliance Technology. Balázs Horváth from Doqsys highlighted the importance of source to pay automation in shared service centers. The last words during Tech Talks, by Victor Tiller, were dedicated to TransparenT’ solutions regarding cleansing, enrichment and analysis of the data.
People and knowledge 
The new recruitment solutions that speed up the whole process of searching and screening candidates were presented by Peter Balazsik from SSC Heroes. "Magellan Pass is a software solution that helps pre-filter candidates, making possible to deliver a candidate to a client in one day." "Generation Y&Z doesn't have time for pre-screening interviews unless they know everything about the position -  this is why SSC Heroes started a technology solution that is going to bring more valuable candidates much faster.”
Alexander Ticehurst from State Street Bank shared with the audience the company’s employer branding strategy and three key elements the helped organize themselves in Poland: "External communications - marketing, internal communication - making sure that our keys messages get to the staff and we promote staff engagement that way, and the third one was universities relations - to interact with this generation and keep them on a radar."
Location & housing
To start the discussion about the work environment, Marcin Faleńczyk from JLL delivered a comprehensive analysis of the office market, suggesting what to expect in the next few couples of years and Gábor Paukovics from Kinnarps shared his thoughts on fundamentals needed to create a good workspace.
Newcomers to the market
At the end of the day, viewers had a chance to listen to the newcomer to the market. Tomasz Bortlisz from Arrow Services discussed the investment climate and advantages of establishing a company in Tricity with Marcin Grzegory from Invest in Pomerania. Tomasz Bortlisz pointed out a few reasons why his company has chosen Gdańsk: "Gdańsk is a new investment for Arrow. Main reasons why we chose this is location are the overall environment of Tricity, talents and opportunity of cooperation with local organizations." 
We were delighted to partner with BiznesPolska and finish the conference with the 3rd Annual Baltic Sea Business Mixer and a special auction of a painting from “Loving Vincent”, the Oscar-nominated Animated film painted and produced in Gdańsk.


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