Video interviews: The ultimate job application tool for the next generation job seekers. The fastest possible way to show yourself to a company where you wish to get hired, and it can be done from the comfort of your apartment. But what do candidates say, what has been their personal experience while applying via a video application tool?

Nora: The fact that we can practise live communication, the answering of the questions, like it will be in case of a live interview. On the other hand, we can spare time. Whereas for the company is that it can see the candidate "live", they can check the reactions for unexpected situation (for example in case of surprising questions).

Livia: You can initiate the interview, when it is the most suitable for you.

Marta: I can arrange the time when to do it. I can reload the page until my answers are satisfying to me.

Lorenzo: I guess there are many. From the "time" point of view you are actually able to start the job video interview at any time, which it gives the advantage to organize your day as best as you can, we all know that when we are looking for a job, we need time, time to search for available position, time to write and rewrite our CV, time to get to know and get involved in the city and in what is going on around us. Besides, if you feel embarrassed, awkward or not confident to talk with people, job video interview might help you out. 

Nora: That I will get a question, which makes me "freeze", but with a little practise before the video has made me ready for the unexpected questions as well.

Livia: That I shall have technical issues during the interview or I cannot even start it.

Marta: To be unable to answer the question immediately and stay silent for a while. To struggle or stutter while answering the questions.     

Lorenzo: My biggest fear was related to the questions of course, I suppose it would have been the biggest fear for most of us, and also the time. I personally do hate carrying out task within a certain amount of time!!!

Nora: Yes, it was a great opportunity.

Marta: Definitely.

Livia: It is a good possibilty to prove your language knowledge, but I think a personal interview gives a better insight to the main interests of the candidate.

Lorenzo: Yes indeed,  it worked once, and i think it worked for others, and i guess it will work in future!

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